Keeping the know-how and a Sustainable Village Alive

Traditional, Hand Harvest & Hand Picked Sea Salt and Flor de Sal
The salt production goes back to 3000BC, when Phoenicians colonized this area due to its richness in fish. Passing these techniques through the centuries, salt workers use gravity and high Atlantic Ocean tides to flood and move progressively, highly concentrated sea water from reservoir to reservoir, until it reaches the last stage, the SALINA, where it finally precipitates. High summer temperatures and hot Sahara winds make fast water evaporation increasing the mineral content up to the natural precipitation of all minerals of this pure Atlantic Ocean waters. Harvesting is done manually with the aid of traditional wooden tools, within human sized clay ponds – small enough to be reached from the sides so that feet are never in contact with our precious raw material. All this care and knowledge results in a highly white, insoluble free sea salt (clay or sand), avoiding post-harvesting processing (washing or purifying), that usually diminish drastically the other than sodium chloride minerals. The resulting product is highly raw, integral sea salt – naturally enriched in more than 80 minerals and trace elements like magnesium, potassium and calcium – with ultimate flavor and health benefits.

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