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5000 years of know-how heritage

Castro Marim is island in the marshlands created when Guadiana River meet the Atlantic Ocean. Since prehistoric times it has been inhabited because of the natural production of sea salt after September high tides. Time led to human understanding of the process, improvements where tested, applied and orally passed through.

Time passed and so civilizations. The greeks, fenicios, cartagineses, romans, visigodos, celts, arabes, cristians, spanish, they all conquered Castro Marim because of the salt. This activity resisted all occupations and even, sometimes, was improved by incoming knowledge as salt was the most important product to food preserves. The word ‘salary’ comes from times where wages where paid in sea salt.

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    Terras de Sal will be in BIOFACH 2015
    Together with other individual producers from Castro Marim, our colletive will be at Hall 4A in Stand 160. We will present our new products to Novelty contest....
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    Sodium Chloride Balance and Salt Balance
    Salt is vital to life. Salt (sodium chloride) courses constantly through our circulatory system. A shortage of this essential nutrient can cause serious health risks, even death. Our most important electrolyte, the natural mineral salt is necessary to maintain...

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