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Terras de Sal is a small producers cooperative that relies on sustainability as a basis for its development. Social and Economic sustainability are very important to us as that is what mainly distinguish our work from other areas in Algarve. Providing a fair share of the cooperatives income to the family producers allows to empower them and gives them trust to be able to grow, spread knowledge and create more jobs.

Myself I've being caught by and start traditional sea salt production back in 2008. Not so long ago, indeed, however Castro Marim's salt production is, as for almost any family here, on my family path since long time. My wife's grandfather and great-grandfather were the biggest sea salt producers in Castro Marim. I didn't even know my wife and salt has crossed our past: her great-grandfather was operating one "salina" bellowing to my grandfather! This is one of hundred examples of the ubiquity of salt in our city community.

Luís H. Correia

I used to work as an IT consultant, but soon salt worker life and ambience overcomes it, becoming a passion. This is the way I believe this activity shall be done, as. All I know about traditional salt I’ve learned it from my family and my salt workers, in the field and from old histories. We started reconstructing my grandfather salina, and there we created the team. Then we start improving quality processes and increased year by year our internal commitment and fellowship. Currently I’m exploring 3 “salinas”, having 340 salt ponds and approximately 10 ha.

My name is Rosa Dias, I'm 31 years old and the salt pond "A Grande" where I produce Quinta da Fornalha (my company) sea salt and flor de sal is in my family for more than 120 years. Belonged to my grandmothers uncle, Dr. Alves Moreira, and is known to be the biggest artisan salt pond, with 120 plots.

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I came across with this incredible activity after I finished my university studies and my father asked some help to manage his farm and belongings.

Its been already 4 years since I’m managing this salt pond, maintaining the same skilled workers has before, and trying to use some of my personal skills – marketing and psychology – make people aware of the importance of this activity not only for the economy but also for the environment, and of course consuming this salt.